The Cabinet Arpege Group, a member of the Charter of Expert Accountants and Licensed Accountants of Romania, through the specialized staff available can provide the following services:

  • Accounting expertise for European projects and SOP HRD.
  • Preparing and submitting of monthly, quarterly and yearly tax returns.
  • Preparing and submitting of annual financial situations (balance sheet).
  • Advice on issues of organization and management of financial and accounting activity and human resources.
  • Preparing and submitting of documentation regarding money laundering.
  • Contact and representation before the tax authorities and control bodies in the financial, accounting and human resources domains.
  • Preparing the necessary documentation for human resources activities – employment contracts, addenda to employment contracts, issuing internal decisions in regard to human resources activity.
  • Preparing the documents for the pecuniary payments for the employees/collaborators, based on the primary documents (timesheets) presented by the beneficiary.
  • Preparing and filing of the declarations regarding pecuniary payments.
  • Transmission of data through the REVISAL program.
  • Payment of net amounts of money resulting from pecuniary calculations, and of social contributions related to them.
  • At the request of the beneficiary, the performing of the current payments under the conditions of the e-banking convention.
  • Counseling and “business coaching”.
  • Preparing the financial audit work.
  • Preparing extrajudicial expertise.
  • Preparing and implementing of accounting policies and procedures.

It goes without saying that in accordance with your needs as beneficiaries, the range of services provided can diversify.

We agree on a mutual adjustment period of 2-3 months after which the final rate is negotiable.

Cristiana Toba
Expert accountant

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